Video: What is the value of Google Analytics to Attorneys?

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Matt answers the question “What is the value of Google Analytics to Attorneys?” This interview was conducted by Steve Fretzin for The Origination Station, the top business development e-training for attorneys.


Steve: One of the mysteries of websites and all this stuff we are talking about is Google Analytics, and seems like most attorneys that I come in contact with or maybe me five years ago, we just don’t understand Google Analytics. So can you talk a little bit more about what that is and how it can impact someone success or failure with their website?

Matt: Google Analytics is a tool that will allow you to view a ton of data around what happens once somebody gets to your website, and it will tell you demographic information, the various ages of people that visit your website. It will tell you geographic information on where they are coming from. It will give you information what device they are viewing your website on. It gives you all this actionable data that you can then look at or have your SEO consultant or your agency look at and really use that to drive your digital marketing strategy. So basically if you see that there is a particular demographic that you are not reaching you will be able to access that through Google Analytics and then change something so you are reaching those people. It’s one of those necessities. It’s a tool everybody should have in their website it’s a situation where I see attorneys every time that are inquiring of agencies and kind of getting the process started with SEO and if you don’t have any historical data – reporting where people can take a look at – and Google Analytics is often where there would access that information, then you kind of starting into disadvantage. So my recommendation for attorneys put Google Analytics code on your website yesterday, the sooner you are generating that data and people can take a look at it, the better you can create a better optimized website and actually look at data that will help you to drive your marketing.

Steve: And this is something they will probably need an agency or they will need a consultant or someone that understands how to do all that to help them?

Matt: As far as putting the Google Analytics code on the website, that’s something that a develop will typically implement for you so whoever build the website will typically put that code on the website, but once it’s there, yes you would want an SEO or somebody who knows how to use Google Analytics to take a look at the data and really help to make decisions for you or help you to make decisions about what you should be doing in online advertising or to make the website more healthy based on that data. But as far as Google Analytics tutorials and learning a little bit more about the tool that something you can just Google. If you even Google “Google Analytics tutorials” you will find a bunch of information. It’s funny some of the best education you can get right know about digital marketing, since its moving so quickly, is through just Googling. So I recommend that if you have a question about something specific, try Googling it and you will be surprised how often you get a really good answer back. But as far as learning Google Analytics, with enough watching YouTube videos you can at least get high levels of understanding of the tool and what it can do but as far as creating actionable digital marketing plan based out of that data, that’s something I do recommend having an expert involved with.

Steve: Ok

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