Video: How can attorneys drive leads through PPC?

In Google Ads by Matt Chiera

Matt answers the question “How can attorneys drive leads through PPC?” This interview was conducted by Steve Fretzin for The Origination Station, the top business development e-training for attorneys.


Steve: So Matt earlier you mentioned Pay Per Click, PPC, and I know there are attorneys that just don’t know enough about it. How can you drive traffic to your website to get more business through Pay Per Click?

Matt: First off, you have to figure out what type of campaign you want to create before talking specifically about Google Ads. There’s Search campaigns which is the Ads you see at the top of Google that you can run and you basically pay whenever somebody clicks on your Ad and goes to your website. Also Display campaigns where people see your Ads from other websites. There’s YouTube Ads, there’s Gmail Ads. There’s a lot of different types of campaigns, so first off you have to decide what type of campaign you want to run and then the next step especially for Search campaigns it’s really to figure out what keywords you want to target. And a big mistake that I see attorneys make when it comes to search marketing, Google AdWord Search campaigns is that they are targeting keywords that are not the right keywords, they are really expensive – often a times they are too general. For instance bidding on “Chicago attorney” – you can spend a fortune on bids and I’ve seen clicks that are $50+ per click just one click to the Ad so you really have to identify which keyword you want to target. And Google actually offers tools – one of them is called The Google Keyword Planner which is a tool you can access through Google Adwords that basically you can put like, “bankruptcy attorney Chicago” for example and this tool spits out a bunch of variations of that keyword and gives you data about how competitive the keyword is, how much you should be paying for bid, what popularity of that keyword and then you can use that data to really drive how and when you are showing your Ads.

Steve: So really it’s about how you are doing your research and studying your keywords and making sure you’re using the tools to know what to do versus just throwing stuff out there and hoping it works.

Matt: Yes. For attorneys specifically because it happens to be an industry where it’s very competitive with online advertising, you really have to take extra care to make sure that you are not over spending because it’s very easy to spend your budget quickly if you don’t know what you are doing.

Steve: Okay, yes. Good point.

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