Customer & Market Research

We utilize industry-leading research tools and techniques to help you understand your customers' online behaviors.

Market Research

We utilize enterprise-level tools to help small and mid-size businesses understand their customers' online behaviors and how reach the right people, at the right time, and in the right places.

Customer Research

We use our customer analysis tools to put together a profile of your target market and how they use the web. We look at demographic and psychographic data, which social networks they use most, where they go for information and reviews, and what they do just prior to making a decision to work with a company like yours.

Keyword Research

Our keyword research tools help us figure out what people are typing into search engines to find a company like yours. We commonly focus on long-tail keywords; precise phrases people use before purchasing a product or service like yours.

Competitive Analysis

Find out what your competitors are doing online. We look at your competitor's online properties, ads, budgets, content marketing strategy, target keywords, and more and then assess what's working for them and what's not. We then emulate their successes for your business and ensure we avoid their failures.

Advertising Research

Find out how, when, where, and what your competitors are advertising online. We look at the ads they've run in the past, budgets, and when and why they've made changes. For Google Ads, we check the search terms and corresponding ads they've run to determine how they frame their service offerings and what kind of messaging and offers work best for them.

Content Research

How frequently are your competitors releasing new blog posts? Social media posts? Videos? What are their best topics, and how much engagement do they get? These are all questions we can answer. We use a suite of tools to assess your competitors' social media presence and content marketing strategy. We then emulate their successes and ensure that we avoid their failures.