Google Ads Management

Our Google Ads strategy starts with research and then consists of ongoing testing to produce maximum ROI for your budget.


  • 12+ Years Experience in Google Ads
  • End-to-End Google Ads Management
  • Testing and Research-Based Strategy
  • Google Ads Certified Partner
  • Ongoing Training of Client Team Members


You want to be able to easily understand how Google Ads is performing, right?


  • Advanced 3rd party reporting
  • High-level + highly specific reporting capabilites
  • Ability to create custom dashboards for nearly every situation


Actual Google Ads results: with only a 14% budget increase year-over-year, 135% increase in e-commerce conversion rate, 87% increase in revenue, and 225% increase in transactions.


We ensure that Google Ads is doing what it’s supposed to do: drive your online goals for your business. Each Google Ads campaign is assessed as a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that we will help you to develop. Each KPI will used to judge the productivity of each portion of the advertising initiative. Ongoing reporting will contain statistical data, analysis of KPIs and future strategy recommendations.

A tried and true approach to maximize your budget:

Setting Goals

We help you to develop KPIs (key performance indicators) so that we have data-focused, measurable goals to track and assess your Google Ads campaigns. Some common KPIs include CTR (click-through-rate), CPC (cost-per-click) Conversion Rate, Revenue, and CPL (cost-per-lead).

Keyword Research

We perform keyword research to identify the high search volume/low competition/low cost keywords that are relevant to your business. This is to ensure that we display your advertising to your target market and do not waste time optimizing to keywords that will not drive traffic and sales.

Account Planning

The organization of your Google Ads account is critical to success. We analyze your website and landing pages, and develop an account structure that’s tailored to not only your business, but to guiding your prospective customers to perform your desired actions on the web.

Campaign Creation

Accounts are segmented by Campaigns, Ad Groups, and then Ads – starting with higher-level ideas and then drilling down into more tightly themed ad groups and keywords based on your business goals.

Ongoing Management

Ice Nine Online’s core Google Ads strategy involves ongoing testing, including testing various campaigns, keywords, ads, and ad groups to discover where your advertising spend will have the highest ROI, and then re-allocating budget to those campaigns.


We create custom reporting based on your goals for Google Ads. The reporting is fully customizable, meaning that if a business priority suddenly becomes important or if the goals for your online presence change, we change the reporting accordingly.