The New YouTube Director iPhone App: Create Polished Promo Videos for Free

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Video is huge right now. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said he expects most of Facebook to be video by 2019. Video is the fastest growing online advertising category.

But for many businesses, it’s not realistic to spend a lot of time and money creating promotional videos. YouTube is here to help.

YouTube has released the “YouTube Director” – a free app that helps you to easily create business promo videos using your iPhone (it’s just available for iPhone for now).

The app is usable by people who don’t have experience filming or editing video – YouTube provides a video template, shot-by-shot directions, and recommendations for scripting so that anyone with an iPhone can film a great promo video.


Google held a competition for business to make the best promo video; the promo video below serves as a good introduction to the app and what you can do with it:

This app is quite obviously meant to provide video for businesses to use in YouTube ads in Google Ads, however as the video is uploaded to YouTube, business can really use the promo video on whatever digital properties support YouTube, including their website and social media.

I’m in the process of scripting my business video – I’ll post it as soon as it’s done!

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