Video: What mistakes do Attorneys make on their blogs?

In Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Design and Development by Matt Chiera

Matt answers the question “What mistakes do Attorneys make on their blogs?” This interview was conducted by Steve Fretzin for The Origination Station, the top business development e-training for attorneys.


Steve: So Matt you were mentioning the idea of building a website and putting content in your website. A lot of Lawyers that I work with utilize a blog. What are some of common mistakes that lawyers make when trying to get SEO with their blog?

Matt: Blogging can be extremely important to SEO and there are two mistakes I typically see attorneys make when creating content for their blog. The first is writing too technically. I see this over and over again where attorneys would write a blog post that is kind of unreadable to the general public. They use a lot of technical terminology – a lot of things that somebody with a Law degree might be able to understand – but if your target market doesn’t know those terms or doesn’t know about the legal process or about what the firm does or about anything technical within law, it’s just going to go over their heads. So I typically tell attorneys if your target market isn’t other attorneys then you really want to write so that anybody can understand what you are writing about. So that’s a really common issue that I see, just lawyers writing much to technically in their blog posts. The other issue I see a lot is not having a clear call to action in the blog post. You put up this great piece of content. You take the time to write it and make it optimized to the keyword that you are targeting and you do all the right things, but if somebody reads your content and doesn’t do anything what’s the point, right? I always recommend to attorneys that when you write that piece of content make sure that you have a clear call of action at the end of that content or even on the page where your blog post are displayed, whether that’s signing up for your newsletter, sharing your post on social media, reading more of your blog posts, or contacting the firm: make sure that you make it very clear to anyone that is reading that post what you want them to do and make it easy for them to do that.

Steve: That makes sense; it’s all about next steps.

Matt: Exactly.

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