The Quick and Easy Way to Set Up Contact Form Conversion Tracking

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Here’s a quick and easy way to set up contact form conversion tracking on your website via Google Analytics: 

1. Create a new “thank you” page on your website. Add some text to the page like “Thank you for contacting our company, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.” You can add more to this page like recent blog posts, newsletter signup, etc. but for tracking purposes, you just need a dedicated page. 

This is what we use.

2. Set your contact form to redirect to the new “thank you” page upon submission. The process for this varies depending on how your form was built, but if you know what type of form you’re using just Google “how to set a redirect URL for a ______ contact form.” 

3. In Google Analytics, go to Admin > Goals > New Goal > Custom > Name the goal something like “Contact Form Submission 1” > Destination > change to “Regular expression > add everything after the root domain from your “thank you” page URL (for example if your “thank you” page is you would add /thank-you/ > Save 

Following the example, this is how it should look.

4. Test by going to your website and filling out a form. You should be redirected to the new “thank you” page once you submit the form. Then, go to Google Analytics > Realtime > Conversions > check if your Goal fired.

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