Ice Nine Online Has Earned a New Google AdWords Specialization!

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I woke up to good news this morning! Google sent me a message that Ice Nine Online has earned a new AdWords specialization for “expertise and sustained client performance in display advertising.”

This matches nicely with our other specialization in “Search” and “Mobile” advertising.

It was also nice to get a little twitter love from Google.

Now is not the time to get complacent, so I’m taking this as a signal to check our display campaigns for our clients and see how we can improve performance even further. Now on to do some AdWords testing.


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Matt is Founder/CEO of Ice Nine Online, a Chicago-based digital marketing and website design company that helps companies reach their online business goals. Matt’s been in the digital marketing space for over 10 years, working with companies ranging from some of the largest Fortune 500 companies to mid-market companies, small businesses, and startups.

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