What is DecideGuide Chicago, and Why?

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What is DecideGuide Chicago?

DecideGuide Chicago is the amazing new FREE iPhone App designed, developed, and published by Ice Nine Online.


DecideGuide is the greatest way to find the best experiences in Chicago, based on your mood. Our team of native Chicagoans hand-picked GuideWords that best describe the top restaurants, bars, live music venues, comedy venues, and nature experiences in Chicago. You pick the GuideWords that appeal to you, DecideGuide shows you the experiences that best match what you’re in the mood for.

GuideWords: keywords that get you where you want to go.

The backbone of the app is the concept of GuideWords – keywords that describe what make a particular Chicago experience unique. When you’re searching for something to do in a neighborhood in DecideGuide, you’re able to select multiple words that describe EXACTLY what you’re in the mood for. Only places that match your criteria are shown to you.

Only the best experiences in Chicago make the cut.

Our team of Chicago-natives hand-picked the top venues in Chicago – venues do not pay to be displayed in the app, and only venues that match our strict rating system make the cut. You will only be shown the best of the best.

The algorithm.DecideGuide Promo Screen

We devised an algorithm to rank and display the optimal venue based on the criteria you select. For example, if you’re looking for a place with a patio where you can drink mimosas over great brunch food in Lincoln Park, you may select the GuideWords: Lincoln Park > Brunch + Hidden Gem + Popular + Mimosas + Alcohol Fueled Dining Experience + Patio. The algorithm will sort through all the venues that match those criteria and display the top venues that match your specifications as well as other venues that it thinks you might enjoy!

Where did the idea come from?

I love Chicago. The inspiration for DecideGuide came from not being able to find awesome new stuff to do on other apps or websites. I would be out with friends and the same question always came up: what are you in the mood for tonight? There was never a great app to help us figure it out. A lot of other apps provide lackluster search functionality, spammy ratings and reviews, feature sub-par venues, or are not updated regularly – they simply aren’t intuitive or fun to use. I saw the need for a better experience for people to find the best stuff to do in Chicago. DecideGuide Chicago is it.

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