5 Ways A/E/C Companies Can Outshine Competitors on LinkedIn

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The popularity of LinkedIn needs no introduction. As the go-to social network for professionals in virtually every industry, LinkedIn boasts hundreds of millions of active users. The appeal of this platform for both individuals and companies is directly tied to the sheer size and reach of the service.

While the massive size of LinkedIn represents an opportunity, it also presents a serious challenge. How can your Architecture/Engineering/Construction (A/E/C) company stand out in such a crowded space? If you’d like to leverage what LinkedIn offers to grow your business, the following five tips should be helpful.

#1 – Write a Great Intro

This is a simple starting point, but it’s a useful building block for other marketing efforts. At the top of your LinkedIn business page, you will have an “Overview” section where you can write an introduction to your company. Don’t let that space go to waste. This will likely be the first thing potential leads read about your business, and you want to make a strong impression.

Writing great copy isn’t easy, so consider outsourcing this job if you don’t feel like you can convey what’s great about your business in written form. Key points to touch on include how long you have been in business, what kinds of A/E/C projects you can tackle, and even notable past clients. Also, in the “Edit Page” section, be sure to include a link to your website, your office address, and the other basic company details that you’re able to add to LinkedIn.

Also, LinkedIn allows you to add up to 20 “specialties” for your company. Make sure that you add your applicable offerings e.g. systems integration, automation, architecture & design – the specific services that your company specializes in. This increases the likelihood that companies that are interested in your solutions will discover your page.

#2 – Create Original Content

To stand out in such a crowded space, you are going to need to invest time and effort where others don’t. It doesn’t take long to create a basic LinkedIn page and fill out the details, but effort is required to develop custom content that you can post to the platform.

There are multiple potential benefits to be gained from posting your own content. First, that content may be discovered by potential leads, meaning it can serve as a form of passive marketing once it is posted. Also, it will be an opportunity for you to demonstrate knowledge and thought leadership in your space. Whether it’s an article about architectural trends or a quick post about how you solved an engineering problem, use your content to shine a positive light on your business.

#3 – Develop a Large Network

Encourage all your employees to create a LinkedIn profile if they do not have one already. Also, encourage them to be active and make as many connections as possible on LinkedIn with people they know in the community and in the industry. If these employees are all tagged as working for your company, you’ll rapidly begin to expand your reach and have the potential to put your page in front of more and more eyes.

For example, some of your current employees may have worked elsewhere in the past and done quality work that impressed a client. When that client tracks those individuals down on LinkedIn and sees that they now work for you, it’s possible they’ll reach out. Casting a wide net in this way creates the opportunity to capture more leads.

#4 – Keep It Fresh

Letting a LinkedIn page fall out of date is a common social-media-sin across every industry. It’s easy to think that your page will continue to work for you even if it’s been left alone for years, but that’s not really the case. Like a physical store that has been closed, your LinkedIn page will start to look dusty and deserted – and potential clients will assume you are no longer around. Give the page a refresh from time to time by adding new pictures, posting fresh content, or adding case studies to your list of clients.

For A/E/C companies, highlighting your people is a great source of fresh high-engagement content. Did someone win an A/E/C-related award? Was someone promoted? Was one of your employees featured in a “40 Under 40” list or something similar? These are all great opportunities to highlight your people and let LinkedIn know about your employee’s accomplishments.

#5 – Direct Everyone to LinkedIn

Developing this marketing channel requires an active, aggressive mindset. Be sure to make it easy for anyone you meet through your business to find your LinkedIn page and make a connection. It’s easy enough to add your LinkedIn link in email messages, and you should make it notable on your website.

The payoff for this marketing tactic tends to emerge in the long run. These connections might not seem like they are accomplishing much in the short term, but as your network grows and your list of connections is expanded, more and more opportunities will make themselves known.

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Of course, as you review these five tips, you might be thinking one thing – that sounds great, but who has time for all that marketing work? If you are starved for time while running marketing for your A/E/C company, contact us for help. With marketing experience and expertise in this niche, we are ready to serve you. Let’s get started today!

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