Video: What is CRO and how does it play a role in SEO and PPC?

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Matt answers the question “What is CRO and how does it play a role in SEO and PPC?” This interview was conducted by Steve Fretzin for The Origination Station, the top business development e-training for attorneys.


Steve: Something that I haven’t heard of before and am sure most attorneys haven’t is something called CRO. How does it play a role in Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click?

Matt: CRO stands for Conversion Rate Optimization and essentially what it is, is once you get people to your website, it’s a process of creating an experience so that people do what you want them to do. And so what I mean by that, let’s say I am running Google Ads and somebody clicks on the Ad and then get to my website and there is no easy place for them to fill out a form, or contact me, or the phone number isn’t on the page, obviously they are not going through the process of contacting me in that event. So you have to think of showing an Ad and getting clicks to that Ad as just one step in the process. The next step once you get people to the website is how do you get them to do what you want them to do? And there’s a lot of tools out there that would help you with Conversion Rate Optimization – there’s a great tool that I use called HotJar. Essentially what HotJar allows you to do is view recordings of people going to your website almost like you are looking over their shoulders.

Steve: Oh, really?

Matt: It’s a pretty cool advertising technology. Basically what you can do is you can identify where you are losing people. So somebody gets to your section in your website and you can see consistently people are leaving from the same place, that’s a great cue maybe you should redesign that page or change the elements of that page to make it easier for people either find the information they’re looking for or guide them towards contacting you.

Steve: Really interesting. Is that a paid feature or is it something that’s free?

Matt: It is paid but it’s kind of a freemium model where I think you can get certain amount of pages which you can view recordings on and heatmaps on – which is another functionality that they offer, and after you get to a certain point, yeah you pay for it.

Steve: You are essentially seeing where people are going, where they are leaving, where they are staying, where they are clicking to. There’s a way to know, “we better put a call to action there, we better change things up because we are losing all these people that are looking for us and then leaving.”

Matt: Exactly. Another function that it allows you to do is that you can actually watch people from a mobile device, and from a desktop, and from a tablet – so wherever people are viewing your site on – and you will see based on the device somebody is viewing your website on, there will be different parts of the website that are effective in different devices. So it will give you a kind of well-rounded view across any device of how well your website is doing.

Steve: That’s very cool.

Matt: Yeah, it’s a cool technology.

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