Video: What should Attorneys look for in a digital marketing agency?

In Web Business Tips by Matt Chiera

Matt answers the question “What should Attorneys look for in a digital marketing agency?” This interview was conducted by Steve Fretzin for The Origination Station, the top business development e-training for attorneys.


Steve: We were talking about hiring somebody to help kind of put all this together. One of the concerns I’m sure attorneys have, and sure it’s the lack of experience in doing this – how do you chose the right person whether it’s you or someone else how would someone make the right decision bringing someone to work with them on Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, things like that?

Matt: So for attorneys I really recommend vetting multiple consultants agencies. I see something, especially with smaller firms, where their cousin who built their website also does a little bit of SEO so they hire them to optimize their website, but if you are not hiring somebody that has the experience and the know how to do it properly you are really doing a disservice to yourself. Basically you could be hiring somebody that could get your website de-indexed or somebody who could really have a profound negative effect on you website’s health. So really find somebody that knows what they are doing and vet multiple companies. Make a list of questions that you want to ask of the agency, vet multiple agencies and see who comes back with the best answers and try to make a decision based off that. And the other thing, look for experience – look for an agency who has been working with attorneys for a long time. Ask them some of the strategies implemented for other attorneys. I would be shy about asking about the work that they have done because that’s how you are going to get really revealing answers and really be able to understand how good they are about what they say they can do. The other thing to consider is you want an agency that you can build a relationship with. Often times when people are vetting consultants or agencies, they kind of under value how well they get along with the actual agencies themselves and I would really prioritize that highly. If you call them and they seems like the sales person that you talk to is super sleazy and you don’t get a good vibe, that’s a really good indication that you might not be able to build a really good relationship with that company. So I really wouldn’t underestimate how important it is to be comfortable with the people that you are dealing with, ask to meet the team that you will be working with, and make sure that you vibe well with them because the relationship is key when people are executing this type of marketing for you.

Steve: I can see that. Thank you so much for coming out and explaining a little more about Search Engine Optimization, Analytics, Pay Per Click and all this fun stuff. I hope our viewers got some great value from the time. Keep checking out our expert interviews like with Matt here with Ice Nine Online.

Matt: Thanks for having me.

Steve: Thank you.

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