My Current Lead Generation Secret Weapon: Tidio Chat

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Every once in a while, I come across a marketing tool that astonishes me with its effectiveness and simplicity. Right now, Tidio Chat is it. Since installing Tidio Chat on my website, leads from my website have increased 250%. I like it so much that I’m making my secret weapon not-so-secret.

Tidio Chat running on the homepage of my website,

Tidio Chat is a WordPress plug-in. It’s a seemingly simple chat plug-in, with a few awesome features.

First, Tidio Chat allows you to set up auto-messaging. Meaning that if someone visits my website, they receive a message from Tidio automatically that says something like. “Hello, how can I help you?” The message comes from me, with a picture of me, with my name next to it. People chat back, and here’s the beautiful part: it comes right to my iPhone, similar to a text message. I can chat with someone who’s inquiring about Ice Nine Online‘s services from anywhere.

Sweet, sweet automation.

Also, Tidio Chat allows you to archive and tag messages so that you can track the conversations you’ve had with prospective customers, and it even integrates with Google Analytics (along with a ton of other tools and apps).

Simple, clean application dashboard.

Tidio also offers a lot of nice customization options for how the widget looks on your site. They currently offer three unique widget designs: modern, classic, and business. They also allow you to change the color scheme, add a sidebar chat button, move the widget to the left or right side of your site, and even have mobile-specific design options.

As far as pricing, there’s a free version with scaled-down features, but I recommend the $12/month for the “Pro” version, as it allows you to set “office hours” so that you can specify when you’re “online,” as well as use the automation features and have unlimited simultaneous chats.

For me, Tidio Chat paid for itself within one week of installation. You can download Tidio Chat here.

P.S. As this post was one big hoo-rah for Tidio, I want you to know that I received zero compensation for this post. The tool is just that good.

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