The Website Development Process Summed Up In Six Songs

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1. On-Boarding:Let’s Get It Started” – The Black Eyed Peas

…AND SO IT BEGINS! The website statement of work is signed and filed and now it’s time to get this party started! The “On-Boarding” kick-off meeting commences! Adrenaline is sky-high as ideas fly between you and the client at 600 miles per hour as you lay out the vision for the website.

2. Design: “Come Together” – The Beatles

After the On-Boarding meeting, your creative juices are now swirling like a smoothie. Now starts the design. The aesthetics start to come together. Colors pop, fonts entice the eye, images punctuate the pages, and the website starts to visually take shape.

3. Development:No Sleep Till Brooklyn” – The Beastie Boys

Now it’s the time for sleepless nights. A tweak here, a few lines of code there. Shoot! The code broke the page. Wait! Now it’s working! YES, this is a GREAT SITE you exclaim to yourself in-between sips of coffee at 5am.

4. Testing:Crazy Train” – Ozzy Osbourne

Now it’s time for the click frenzy! Your fingers are flying so fast clicking on everything and typing furiously that your brain can just barely keep up with what’s going on. Then suddenly BOOM you’re staring at the footer, realizing that OH YES, everything on the site works like it’s supposed to!

5. Implementation:Living on a Prayer” – Bon Jovi

Fingers and toes are crossed as the site’s files are transferred to the new hosting environment. This isn’t your first rodeo, you know Murphy’s Law loves to rear its ugly head right about now. You hold your breath as the last few files are uploaded. Did the 301 Redirects work correctly? YES! They did. And now it’s time for…

6. LAUNCH! “We Are the Champions” – Queen

Somewhere an angel gets its wings as the client’s brand new site goes live. You Google the client, the new site comes up, and you sit back pleased as punch at your fantastic handiwork. You. Are. A. Champion.

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