The Difference Between “All Conv. Value” and “Conv. Value” in Google Ads

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I’ve heard this question a few times from people with eCommerce websites: what’s the difference between “All Conv. Value” and “Conv. Value” in Google Ads? Typically this question stems from eCommerce marketers seeing different numbers for these two columns in Google Ads, with “All Conv. Value” showing the greater amount. Here’s a Q&A that explains the difference:

Question: For Google Ads for eCommerce websites, which is the better metric to determine total eCommerce sales from Google Ads: All Conv. Value or Conv. Value?

Answer: It depends on your unique “Conversion actions” setup, however, if you’re only looking to measure eCommerce sales from Google Ads and you have eCommerce transactions set to “Yes” in the “Include in Conversions” column of your “Conversion actions” (find it by going to Google Ads > Tools > Measurement > Conversions) and all your other conversions set to “No” in your “Conversion actions” then you’ll want to use Conv. Value. 

So what is All Conv. Value? All Conv. Value is the total value of all of your conversions, including sources like cross-device conversions and conversion actions set to “No” in your “Conversion actions” in Google Ads. For example, let’s say you have a conversion set up for newsletter sign-ups or contact form completions. These might be conversions that you’ve imported from Google Analytics or non-eCommerce conversions that you set up for a specific campaign e.g. a campaign to generate phone calls. These metrics are included in your All Conv. Value column. But if your goal is to determine pure return-on-ad-spend of your Google Ads campaigns for eCommerce, you don’t want to include these “secondary” conversions.

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