Is It Possible to “Store” Wifi and Use It Later?

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This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot since the recent Net Neutrality repeal.

Is it possible to “store” wifi and use it later? For example, let’s say I’m in the airport waiting for a flight. What if I could download an app that would “store” some of the wifi at the airport so that I can then use it on the no-wifi flight?

Due to the nature of the Internet as a network, the conventional answer is that, no, it’s not possible. The Internet is nothing but a network of interconnected computers, and you can’t store a network on your device.

However, though no app or device is invented yet to perform this task, with the current accelerated state of Internet technology I think this is worth thinking about.

There are workarounds, for instance, you can save webpages and access them later. For example, there are apps that will save the current articles on your favorite news websites so you can access them later without Internet.

There are obvious limitations here. the Internet is currently over 12 Petabytes of information, so it’s not realistic (at least not for the next few decades…or centuries) to “store” the entirety of the Internet. It’s simply too massive an amount of data.

However, it is very feasible to store “sections” of the Internet to use later. With Comcast, AT&T and other big ISPs likely shifting towards a policy of throttling Internet speeds and charging users more to access their favorite apps and websites on the Internet, it may make sense to “store” Internet-connected apps, games, and websites on your devices and then access them later. You could download in-app data (on a slower network) and then access it (at fast speed) once the information is already stored on your device, therefore circumventing the data throttling on that app by the ISPs.

That being said, how would this work without a live “feed” of Internet packets? For instance, how could online gaming function without connectivity via the Internet?

I think this is becoming a more and more important question, especially now that Net Neutrality has been repealed. Our current technology isn’t able to “store” Internet, and there are theoretical limitations on whether storing a network is possible, however, I’m looking forward to seeing if there are developments around this in the future.

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  1. Currently there is no solution of it .But I am pretty sure in future we store “Wifi” and use it later.
    And i am excited to use of this innovation usage.

  2. Yes, I am thinking the same way as you are considering. In my opinion, It is possible. We need to monitor how the Sim owners allow us to use the internet when we pay them. if we get successful in monitoring, then we just have to use the same strategy

  3. I’m really impressed by this info stating clearly that internet can’t be stored .Come to think of it, that explains why most people don’t give a clear answer to these saught of questions asked .l hope the promising future finds a way……#Let’s see what the future holds.

  4. Hi guys am from UMMA University in Kenya. Its always nice to google something then you find that the answer you were looking for does not exist but rather your peers from all over the world are trying to come up with solutions to problems like this. If a team comes up with a solution to this problem, definitely that group will pave the way to the next generation of “google”(as i dont have a better name to use). Guys if we want to do this, it will be best to form a telegram/whatsapp group where we can share our ideas.

  5. yea i am also a student of an IT college so I also really want to Research regarding it so that if there is even 1% of chance that we can make it them I really want to try to make it Bro. It’s my Dream to make this kind of Apps

    1. I understand that network can’t be stored . But I have a doubt we recharge our sim with some certain amount of data package. Then how can that certain amount of data only available for a day . It’s just like that certain amount of data is stored and it’s used . Then how can’t we take some data from wifi and store it like we charge the phone and use it later where we all ended up with our daily limited data. It’s just the thought .

      1. Exactly as I was thinking. Take the example with Power banks. They store energy for later use. Now I am thinking of such a device but this time that is rechargeable (storing some MBs) with internet data, just as we experience with sim cards.

  6. As a rule, that is unimaginable, even in principle. Be that as it may, it’s normally conceivable to save explicit substance for disconnected survey/tuning in. For pages, see Google makes it simpler to peruse disconnected in Chrome on Android.

  7. I m also thinking about it from long time but till I m just thinking bcs I didn’t get anything about this trying to find it but I didn’t get it I don’t think so it’s possible bcs I visit too many side to find this but it’s not happen

  8. I also thinking about it and I want some theory part ,more details about this
    I think it’s a good idea that we can store wifi and use it later
    It will be a good advantage for everyone
    Eg. we can charge our phone battery using elecicity like than we can store date in oru PC or phone then use it later.

  9. Come to think of it we could upload (example 1gb) of data to our network service provider and then later if we need internet we could ask for that 1gb unless our service provider are satisfied

    1. This is my dream innovation
      and I have started researching on This

        1. Well am a student at chuka university too in Kenya .I think we should get to know each other so that we can put together our ideas and come up with a good solution on this.

          1. Am in Zambia at UNZA and am doing something on it l believe my root will be successful hoping to come to Kenya if work done

      1. yea i am also a student of an IT college so I also really want to Research regarding it so that if there is even 1% of chance that we can make it them I really want to try to make it Bro. Can we worked on this project Together.

        1. I’m really interested in this topic, I believe with team work, we can find a solution to get stored unlimited data to be used later, just like using a fully charged phone without electricity.

  10. A more realistic solution to this issue can be a platform where you can exchange your mobile data with others ( let’s say simply by giving and taking wifi). Means when you have excess data, you lend others a wifi which you can take from others when you’re in need.
    Major things to think on:
    1. How are we gonna coordinate this exchange ( here we can use a blockchain method).
    2. Hotspots do still have a distance limit.
    I think researchers should think about this way.

  11. i was thinking of studying the nature of wifi first based on which we can find out how to store it using cloud computing which can be stored without expiry date

    1. I’ve been thinking about this too. That’s why I was able to comment on in here. I think it’s not like saving the network but saving the fiber connection instead. It would be such a great help to save and store at least 1GB of data at our phones and use it for later use such as going to park without a signal. I hope one day we can do this. It would be a million dollar idea.

  12. I am from the Philippines and in fact there are still houses which doesn’t have internet connection. We are all aware that some courses (or subjects) can be offerred and implemented via LMS or other online services. Now we are facing this global pandemic COVID-19 and there are places in my country which are under quarantine. I am thinking that classes can still continue thru online learning. However, internet connection is a major problem to address. If there are on-going development relative to “internet storage,” please let us know? Moreover, if there are on-going research studies, we are very willing to participate. Thank you very much!

    1. In general, that is not possible, even in theory. However, it’s usually possible to save specific content for offline viewing / listening. For web pages, see Google makes it easier to read offline in Chrome on Android.

  13. Actually i also thought this same related question onced,when my house no wifi connection four days. That time i was thinking if i can save some data from router,i can use it later.I also thought about mobile memory card (sd card),in memory card jusr reserve amount of data.When we use any webpage, just loading the information of that page (packet data).
    When we dont have wifi or mobile data,that time we only want to browse some specific website (as i am a student on that time need to browse educational webpage). So i want to reserve that website all data into card similar to memory card.It is my thinking,if any webpage is possible to check offline.Then why it is not possible to full specific website not possible to reserve that full website data.

    1. I also thinking about it and I want some theory part ,more details about this
      I think it’s a good idea that we can store wifi and use it later
      It will be a good advantage for everyone
      Eg. we can charge our phone battery using elecicity like than we can store date in oru PC or phone then use it later.

  14. But they is a chance to download data from WiFi to the sim Carrier we can use till the maximum limit (5gb) it depends.
    So that we can create a chip like wifi in phone
    Like this slowly we can able to fix in the motherboard of the phone
    They is a lot of theory where k have reached on this topic
    However I just have a therorical part

  15. I am also searching for this but i cannot find a proper answer for this..
    so i just find a application which is “DATA BACK” application.. this app is for android you can try this almost 100 mb data store or may be more …
    I hope it’s will help you….

    1. Author

      Ah, interesting! I had not heard of this, but it sounds pretty cool.

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