Celebrating Ice Nine Online’s 5 Year Anniversary With Client Success Stories!

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This month marks the official five-year anniversary of Ice Nine Online, with the company being introduced officially in April 2014. The past five years we’ve had a blast helping our clients achieve their online goals.

These are some of my favorite Ice Nine Online client success stories over the past 5 years:

  • Helping one of our retail clients go from $50k to $1.5MM in eCommerce sales over the course of one year
  • Helping a small business client in the education space go from 1 new quality lead/month to 1 new quality lead/day
  • Generating 10,000 high-quality leads over 3 years (an average of 9/day) for a Chicago-based transportation business
  • Helping a tech company who’s website was thoroughly hacked get back up-and-running in less than 24 hours
  • Building a custom company Intranet for a top engineering firm – it’s been so popular at the company that they now use it as a selling point to recruit new talent
  • Training the CMO of a Fortune 1000 company on SEO, Google Ads, and digital marketing – she then left her current post to secure a better digital-focused role at a larger organization
  • Training a solo-preneur on SEO – after six months of her own optimization efforts based on the training, she’s ranking for the top 10 most competitive keywords for her company type and location and generating a significant inflow of leads
  • Getting a client on the 1st page of Google for the top 100 most competitive search terms in their market…and keeping them there consistently for over 4 years
  • Creating a 500%+ increase in leads for a B2B company, necessitating them to hire a sales team to field the high quantity of new leads
  • Manually auditing/improving a 15,000+ page website, resulting in a 130% year-over-year organic traffic increase
  • Using Google Ads to test the viability of a new medical product…the company is now funded, scaling, and hiring
Thank you to everyone who has put their trust in us over the years!
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Matt Chiera

Matt Chiera is Founder & Principal Consultant at Ice Nine Online. Since forming the company in 2014, he’s helped Ice Nine Online’s clients generate millions of dollars in revenue from digital marketing. Matt taught digital marketing strategy and tactics at the Tribeca School’s Digital Professional Institute. Matt’s book “Digital Marketers Sound Off” has been ranked as the #1 book in the Web Marketing category on Amazon.

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