Actual SEO Client Results

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Above are actual results for a small business client after taking my 2.5 hour SEO/SEMTraining Class.

With this particular client I stressed keyword research to find the optimal keywords to use in SEO, back-end SEO optimizations, and content improvement and site design improvements to his WordPress website.

To make things perfectly clear, I didn’t optimize this client’s site for him.  He had close to zero knowledge of SEO/SEM before the training class. I gave him the tools, laid out a game-plan, and showed him how to execute SEO/SEM tasks himself in July 2014. By August 18th, 2014 he was able to achieve a month-over-month increase in pageviews of 201.59%.

Along with gaining traffic, bounce rate was an issue for this client. Prior to my class, people were basically visiting his website and then getting the hell outta’ dodge as soon as possible. He went from 70.24% bounce rate to this:

Actual Client Metrics Bounce Rate 8-18-14


All key metrics for his website improved dramatically. Not only are there more visitors to the website, but they were more engaged and stayed on the site longer. Improvement in the amount of pages visited in a session improved 120.29%:

Actual Client Metrics Pages Per Session8-18-14

Amazing improvement!

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