10 LinkedIn Ads Tips for B2B Lead-Gen for 2023

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Success in advertising is all about finding the right place to connect with your target audience. And, when you are talking about developing B2B leads, it’s hard to think of a better place than LinkedIn. It’s a platform that’s all about business, so you cut through some of the clutter that would be present when trying to promote a B2B company on other networks.

If you’ve been struggling to find success on LinkedIn Ads, or if you are just getting started and want to hit the ground running, the ten tips in this article should be extremely helpful.

#1 – Test Your Bids

Testing is really the only way to figure out what bids are appropriate for your goals on LinkedIn Ads. Sure, you can start with an educated guess based on the available data, but it will take experimentation to figure out how you should bid to get the right level of exposure.

#2 – Experiment with Various Ad Types

There are a variety of ads you can run on LinkedIn depending on what you want to accomplish and how you want to reach your market. Whether it’s Sponsored Content, Sponsored Messaging, Carousel Ads, Video Ads, Lead Gen Forms, or one of the other ad options, experiment with different ad types on LinkedIn so you can determine which is best for your brand and goals.

#3 – Pick the Right Targets

With so many people available on LinkedIn to target with your ads, it’s easy to wind up paying to put your message in front of the wrong people. Specifically, you want to do your best to reach people who actually have the power to make decisions. It doesn’t do a lot of good to invest in marketing and reach employees in organizations who aren’t authorized to spend on your services. Aim at or near the top of the right companies to get seen by key people.

#4 – The Power of Retargeting

Using a retargeting pixel can help you present ads to people who have already engaged with your brand in some way. The usefulness of retargeting is already well-known in marketing circles, and if you haven’t tried it yet for your organization, now is the time. LinkedIn Ads makes it easy to implement retargeting and you might find that you wind up getting more return on your investment as a result.

#5 – Don’t Focus Only on Paid

Yes, LinkedIn Ads are a powerful way to get in touch with decision-makers in the right organizations. No, paying for ads does not mean you can completely ignore organic efforts. Some of the best relationships you will develop on LinkedIn are likely to come through organic means, so keep up with that side of this platform while also testing out ad performance.

#6 – Don’t Target Everyone

A common mistake on any online advertising platform is to target too many people and wind up spending on ads that simply aren’t going to convert. If anything, you’ll want to start out your campaigns being conservative, targeting a narrow band of LinkedIn users who are almost certain to be interested in what you offer. From there, you can gradually expand your reach outward while monitoring results along the way.

#7 – Punchy Copy is Always Useful

It’s easy to get so lost in all the advertising options and features on LinkedIn that you forget to spend the necessary amount of time on your copy. Good ad copy never goes out of style, and it isn’t easy to write. Work on your copy and consider bringing in a professional copywriter to get the best possible results if in-house copy isn’t getting it done.

#8 – Know Your Ideal Outcome

What are you hoping to get out of your LinkedIn Ads? Do you want to make sales directly from these ads, or is this a play to add prospects to the top of the funnel? Know the answer to this question from the start and then think about how you can position the ads, so they make sense to that target audience.

#9 – Look the Part

LinkedIn is a platform for professionals. With that in mind, running ads that look like they were produced by amateurs simply isn’t going to get the job done. Rise to the level of the prospects you are trying to impress and put the time and money needed into producing great ads.

#10 – Create a Budget Schedule

You need to not only have a budget for how much you can spend on LinkedIn Ads, but you’ll also need to know when you are going to spend that money. For example, you might set aside a few hundred bucks in the first month just to test out some ads on small campaigns. Then, that budget could move to $1,000-$2,000 in the next month as you start to ramp up the ads that are working. Finally, you might allocate a few thousand dollars per month moving forward as your ongoing budget once the ads are fully tested, optimized, and proving ROI. Whatever the numbers look like, plan this spending out ahead so you know the financial support is in place to make the ads work.

Don’t Have Time? We’re Here to Help

Some business owners and managers are surprised to find just how much time it takes to run a LinkedIn Ads campaign. There are plenty of decisions to be made, and testing needs to be done consistently to make the right adjustments and optimize results. If that time simply isn’t available in your schedule, get in touch today and we’ll be happy to help. With proven results and a deep understanding of how to develop leads for B2B companies, you’ll be in good hands from the start.

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