10 Google Ads Search Campaign Tips in 2023

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When you want to run ads on the web, Google Ads is a great place to start. After all, the reach of this platform is second-to-none, and the platform has been fine-tuned over the years to make it incredibly powerful and surprisingly easy to use. Even if you only have a small budget and just want to test the waters, this is a smart place to turn.

To help you cut through the confusion and gain some traction with your Google Ads campaign, we’ve assembled ten tips below for you to consider. It’s likely that not all of these tips will apply directly to your needs, but at least a few of them should help you get better results.

#1 – It Starts with a Budget

Perhaps the best piece of advice you can get on your Google Ads campaign is to set a clear budget before you ever get started. With a budget in place, you’ll be able to structure your campaign in a way that allows you to test ads and explore markets while keeping your spend at a reasonable level. If you don’t know how much you can spend, you’ll be flying blind with regard to the structure of your campaign.

#2 – Set Clear Goals

Along with setting a budget early in the process, you also need to set clear goals for what you want these ads to accomplish. Are you trying to make sales, or simply build brand awareness and get prospects into the top of your funnel? Those are two dramatically different objectives, and they will require different techniques to achieve success.

#3 – Spend Time on Copy

You can never spend too much time on the copy for your Google ads. Remember, you only have a very small space with which to grab attention and only a short time in which to grab it. As a result, your ad copy needs to be sharp, to the point, and as clear as possible. It’s very unlikely that the first ad you write will be your best, so create plenty of options and try them out to see which wins.

#4 – Test, Test, Test

Speaking of trying out ad options, that leads us right into this next tip – testing your ads relentlessly. A Google Ads campaign is never “done”, as there will always be more you can do to fine-tune the copy, your keywords, your bids, and more. Commit to a relentless schedule of testing your ads so you can pursue ever better results as time passes.

#5 – Put Trust in Responsive Search Ads

Some marketers are wary of Google’s responsive search ads because they feel like they are giving up too much control over how their ads are displayed. Don’t give in to that fear – this is a powerful technology that will help you come up with the best possible combination of headlines and descriptions for your ads.

#6 – Review Bids Regularly

Bidding is a complicated process that deserves an article of its own. In this space, we will simply say that your bids should be reviewed on a consistent basis to make sure there are no opportunities that have opened up to be exploited. Bidding too low will cause you to struggle to reach leads while going too high might add unnecessarily to your spend.

#7 – Thin the Keyword Herd

Are you sure that all of the keywords on your targeted keywords lists are relevant to the market you hope to reach? If you’ve been running ads for a while, there is a chance that some keywords have snuck into the mix that you don’t really want to use in your ad campaigns. Make it a point to review your list periodically and thin it out to avoid more wasted spending on ads.

#8 – Think Twice About Display Network Ads

Running ads on the “Display Network”, which is controlled by Google but not on Google itself, will often lead to disappointing results. Unless your campaign structure demands a particularly high level of visibility to succeed, consider limiting your ads to Google only, at least at the start.

#9 – Match Your Ads to Your Site Structure

It’s critical that the people who click on your ads enter your site at a point that makes sense based on the ad they found interesting. If the landing page you offer doesn’t quite connect to the ad that was presented, the site visitors are more likely to hit the “back” button than anything else.

#10 – Ads in the Context of Your Funnel

If you have a clear funnel structure in place for how you make sales, your Google Ads should play an important – and logical – role in that funnel. Whether you are trying to bring in prospects that are near the top or bottom of your funnel, make sure the ads you write are targeted directly at people in those groups.

Another Approach

Rather than managing your own Google Ads campaign, you could turn the task over to us instead. We’ll apply our extensive experience running ads to find your target audience and bring in leads for a reasonable cost. Reach out today to learn more about how we can help grow your business.

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