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B2B Digital Marketing Engagement

One of the top B2B software companies in the country employs Ice Nine Online to handle their digital marketing. This includes market research, SEO, online ads, LinkedIn guidance, and content marketing strategy.



PC Bennett Solutions is a company focused on all things Acumatica ERP. They implement, train, customize, and support Acumatica ERP. Their professional staff works with customers from various industries who want to optimize their operations and do more with less.

We were approached by PC Bennett Solutions. They were experiencing a plateau in their marketing and lead-generation efforts, and their online presence wasn't truly reflecting their industry expertise. Recognizing the potential for growth and the challenges they faced, we embarked on a mission to revitalize their digital strategy.

Our first order of business was to amplify PC Bennett Solutions' visibility in search engines. We optimized their website, ensuring it was both user-friendly and search engine compliant. By employing advanced SEO techniques, our goal was to position PC Bennett prominently in search results, making them easily accessible to potential clients.

Beyond SEO, we crafted a strategic advertising campaign tailored for PC Bennett Solutions. Our aim was not only to drive marketing-qualified leads but also to elevate their brand awareness. By pinpointing the right audience and curating compelling ads, we endeavored to keep PC Bennett Solutions at the forefront of businesses seeking ERP solutions.

We also recognized the power of content marketing. Believing in the adage that content is king, we collaborated with PC Bennett Solutions to produce high-quality, relevant content. This strategy was designed to not only boost organic traffic but also to position them as thought leaders in the ERP space, engaging and educating potential clients about the myriad benefits of their services.

Lastly, understanding that a company's website often serves as the primary touchpoint for potential clients, we undertook a meticulous website overhaul. Our aim was to ensure that the website not only reflected PC Bennett Solutions' diverse value propositions but also provided a seamless user experience, ultimately driving top-line sales from online marketing.


"Our B2B company has been using Ice Nine Online for SEO for a few years now, and due to their efforts, we're in the top spots in Google for our target keywords. We rank above our competitors, and some of them are much larger companies with big marketing teams and budgets. Often, we rank in both the 1st and 2nd spot in Google. We have prospective customers who mention that they found us through search engines all the time. Ice Nine Online has absolutely moved the needle for our business and has helped us generate significant revenue from their SEO efforts."Tim O., Partner, PC Bennett Solutions

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