Video: How important is video to SEO and PPC?

In Google Ads, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by Matt Chiera

Matt answers the question “How important is video to SEO and PPC?” This interview was conducted by Steve Fretzin for The Origination Station, the top business development e-training for attorneys.


Steve: Now Matt we have talked about Search Engine Optimization, we have talked about Pay per Click, one thing we haven’t talked about yet is video. How does the use of video impact someone’s website and the ability to get visibility?

Matt: Video is becoming an extremely an important platform for content – the trajectory of people that are viewing video on their mobile device and viewing video content on the Internet its skyrocketing over time. So basically you need to be where the people are learning about your type of business; or you need to be where the content is, and right now it’s video and really YouTube specifically it’s the channel you should be looking at. With video you can use it in display Ads in Google, video Ads on YouTube, you can use videos on your website, video can be something that you can use in blog post and you can do webinar – there are a lot of different methods to create great video content but since so many people are now watching videos online, you have to make sure that you are including that in your marketing plan.

Steve: So for example, if there is an Estate Planning Attorney and that attorney wants to get more visibility on his or her website, how would they use video?

Matt: The great thing to do is “how to” videos – that’s becoming a very popular type of videos people watch online and so if there’s any information that an Estate Planning Attorney can provide to the general public. Like how to get started with Estate Planning for example, that’s really valuable video content and especially if you are releasing video on let’s say YouTube or you have a YouTube channel for the firm and you can produce content that doesn’t exist anywhere else, those are great opportunities. If there is no other video online about how to plan an estate, creating a YouTube channel and releasing video on how to plan an estate or even find an attorney for estate planning can be really great video content for you.

Steve: I know just from experience and you mentioned earlier, Google pulls keywords that you put in your blog or you have in your website that helps you get found in certain area – how does video work in that same capacity or a similar capacity?

Matt: Google is getting smarter and smarter with the way that they are able to index video content and display in the Google search results. Not only will you show when people are searching on YouTube for a video but things like having a good description for the video can be really helpful so when somebody searches for a particular type of a video your video pops up.

Steve: So you are putting a title and description that’s going to help Google again get you in the front line?

Matt: Yes, and use the options that are available to you when you’re putting video content on YouTube. Have a good title, have a great description, explain what it is that you do. If you have keywords that you are targeting for the video, have that in the description. Make sure that all the fields that YouTube, even the tagging that YouTube allows you to do – make sure you are using all of that and that you are not just putting video on there without really proper optimizing it. It’s like anything else; like optimizing a website, you have to use all the description fields to really make sure that the video is well optimized aside from just putting it on YouTube.

Steve: Ok

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