Ice Nine Online & Google Event Recap: Smarter Customer Insights

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Ice Nine Online hosted a Google Partners Connect event on May 4th.

The topic of the event was using smarter customer insights to improve your digital marketing. Below is a recap of the event and some of the key takeaways from Google’s presentation.

For this Google Partners Connect event, we did quite a bit of Q & A and education about digital marketing before and after Google’s livestream presentation on customer insights. Remarketing, audience segmentation, the importance of mobile-friendly websites, Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads, and small business marketing tactics were recurring themes throughout the event.

Northern Fork (formerly Gourmet 45) catered the event – the food was excellent and there was a whole lot of it. I heard the breakfast tacos were excellent.

After the event everyone networked – there was a great mix of marketers, entrepreneurs, and people in various roles at small, mid-market, and enterprise businesses in attendance. Please let me know if you’re interested in attending the next event.

This video is the full livestream presentation from Google. This was a particularly good Partners Connect presentation, as they did a great job of breaking down marketing tactics into easily-digestible step-by-step bites, instead of merely talking about tools and strategies at a high-level.

Some of my key takeaways:

  • Focus on mobile. Mobile. Mobile. Mobile.
  • Every company should set up Google My Business. It’s free and important to SEO.
  • Make sure you’re reaching your target market at the exact time that they need you the most.
  • Remarketing on Google’s display network is very effective, especially now that you can upload an email contact list to remarket to.
  • If you sell a product online, test Google Product Listing Ads.

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