CVS Health

Improving the eCommerce website of one of the world's top brands.

Ice Nine Online helped CVS Health improve the internal search and user experience on their eCommerce website.



CVS Health is a one-of-a-kind health care company that helps patients get the care they need through the channel that works best for them. Each day, they help millions of people on their path to better health. This is their company’s purpose, and it’s the inspiration behind everything they do.

CVS Health seeked to improve the internal search function of their eCommerce website. Their goal was to improve the user experience, decrease null results, increase add to basket %, and increase checkout conversion rate.

Ice Nine Online created a detailed assessment of the website's internal search and eCommerce customer experience. Ice Nine Online also outlined specific machine-learning improvements to improve relevance, collaborative filtering, and query expansion to improve the customer search experience.

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