Digital Marketing Training

Ice Nine Online trained a senior marketing manager about digital marketing for one of the worlds largest telecom companies.



CenturyLink is a Fortune 500, $18 Billion telecommunications company. Ice Nine Online conducted SEO/SEM Training with a member of CenturyLink’s senior marketing team.

During the training session, we covered SEO/SEM keyword research pertaining to enterprise businesses in CenturyLink’s target verticals along with SEO/SEM tools and technologies and execution of key digital marketing tasks and strategy.


"Matt shared with me his Digital Marketing Training course content, and the concepts and tactics he teaches are very informative. It’s a great way to get an overview of how to set up your own digital marketing program and have a head start on some of the techniques experts use to optimize the digital strategy for their clients. Matt has the knowledge (and patience) that make a great trainer. And he’s willing to share that knowledge with the do-it-yourself business owner. Great class!"Kate K., Senior Marketing Manager, CenturyLink

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