Buona Terra Ristaurante

Ice Nine Online built a user-friendly, mobile-optimized WordPress website for Buona Terra Restaurante, one of the top-rated restaurants in Chicago.



A neighborhood Italian ristorante just steps from Chicago's historic Logan Boulevard, Buona Terra strives to serve the freshest dishes in a relaxed setting.  Buona Terra required a website focused around usability: allowing users to get to information like menus and online ordering quickly and efficiently.

Ice Nine Online designed, built, and deployed an SEO-optimized WordPress website for Buona Terra featuring:

  • A custom pop-in featuring COVID-19-related restaurant news
  • Clean, mobile-friendly menu and page designs
  • A custom online ordering page, linked to a 3rd party ordering system
  • A custom image gallery to entice people with images of the restaurant's food, interior, and events
  • A custom user-friendly back-end so that non-tech-savvy staff can make updates easily
  • Custom forms for catering and events inquiries
  • Social media integration: Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Instagram

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