What is Ice Nine and what does it have to do with an Internet company?

In Matt's Musings by Matt Chiera

Ice Nine alludes to a fictional substance from Kurt Vonnegut’s literary masterpiece, Cat’s Cradle.

Cat’s Cradle is about a writer who’s researching an odd, reclusive scientist named Hoenikker. He eventually ends up meeting various colorful members of the Hoenikker family and exploring a poor island nation of San Lorenzo, whose population is enthralled with a nihilistic and cynical religion called Bokonosim. He eventually finds that Hoenekker created a substance capable of changing the world as we know it: Ice Nine.

When Ice Nine comes into contact with liquid water, it acts as a seed crystal and causes the solidification of the entire body of water, which quickly crystallizes as more Ice Nine.

Ice Nine is the focal point of this excellent, comical book, but it’s also an excellent metaphor for digital marketing! Ice Nine spreads like wildfire, turning everything around it into more Ice Nine; much like a business that promotes itself online, spreading through the web like a crystal of Ice Nine!

Read the book, think of us, and let’s discuss how we can get your business spreading through the web.

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Matt Chiera is the Founder and CEO of Ice Nine Online. Since forming the company in 2014, he’s helped Ice Nine Online’s small and mid-size clients generate millions of dollars in sales from digital marketing. Matt taught digital marketing strategy and tactics at the Tribeca School’s Digital Professional Institute. Matt’s book “Digital Marketers Sound Off” has been ranked as the #1 book in the Web Marketing category on Amazon.

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