5 Things “The Walking Dead” Can Teach You About Web Design

In Web Design and Development by Adrian Gershom

1. “Live Together. Die Alone.”

Surviving the zombie apocalypse and building a great website have this in common: Teamwork. You can’t go it alone (just ask the Governor). Hiring a great agency is the first step in the process but answering emails, providing constructive feedback, and trusting in the team you’re working with are all crucial. Your web design team wants your site to be as kickass as you do. Know your role, offer support, and work as a team and those walkers (and your competitors) won’t know what hit them.


2. Be Wary of Silence

No news is not good news. When’s the last time someone contacted you through your site? Or subscribed to your newsletter? An undiagnosed functionality issue can be just as problematic as an empty gas tank in your apocalyptic escape vehicle. Set a calendar reminder to regularly test parts of your website (and the tires on your bug out RV while you’re at it).

Don't be like Merle.

Don’t be like Merle.

3. Upgrade your Weapons

Your business is constantly adapting, and so should your website. If your site still uses Flash, it’s a problem. We’ve come a long way in terms of achieving dynamic animations without the headaches associated with Flash. Tyrese found his hammer. Michonne found her samurai sword. Let your agency help you find your weapon of choice and leave Flash behind for good.


4. Mobility is key

A great website needs to be versatile. You want people to be able to see and interact with your site no matter how they’re viewing it. Daryl is as lethal with his crossbow at close range as he is from a distance. Your site should be just as adaptive. Make sure responsive web design is being practiced to ensure an optimal user experience on a desktop computer, a cell phone, or a tablet.

Even Zombies demand a responsive experience.

Even Zombies demand a responsive experience.

5. “You can be a farmer, but you can’t be just a farmer”

You’ve gone through the process and have a sleek new website to show for it. Now’s not the time to hang your hat. That fortified prison may look like a tempting place to set up camp, but it’s just a matter of time before the walkers get through. Keep tabs on your analytics (if you don’t have Google Analytics installed remedy this immediately!) and see how your marketing efforts are affecting your site traffic. Update your content, keep things fresh, and don’t let the horde catch you resting.

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